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"Wow! The Photos are Amazing! Delivered more than we expected, and we had such a great time! Thanks for your hard work!


Sonia & Daisuke

Wedding Day Photography

我覺得拍攝一輯婚禮相既時侯, 我除了係一個攝影師同時亦好像寫緊一個愛情故事既Story Teller.💐💕

能夠將新人既愛情故事用最優雅浪漫既手法記錄下來, 是最大既滿足!💓

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Kim & Lui

Wedding Day

Photography & Videography

剛剛拍攝完一個別開新面既婚禮. 新人Kim & Lui係第一次開會既時間已經同我講, 唔好影佢地既婚禮好似婚禮, 而係要拍到好似開party咁, 重點係留底真摰既moments, 十年, 二十年後睇返都咁SWEET, 記得當晚同朋友一起既情況.

我覺得佢地當晚真係表現得好好, 成晚氣氛都好有心, 好感動, 好有愛!! 祝Kim & Lui白頭到老, 永結同心, 永遠恩愛!! 💓



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Wedding Day





感動的淚水... 對對方的承諾





Aberdeen Marina Club


Hong Kong Parkview


Hotels and Parties

酒店 和 派對

Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong 文華東方酒店

The Peninsula Hong Kong 半島酒店

The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

 Harlan's Bar and Restaurant


Susanna and Oscar

Wedding Day



還記得...為了讓新人有特別美麗的婚紗照 我當日極力請會所經理讓新人在遊艇會的甲板多拍攝...

三次要求之下,終於被我們的誠意打動了! 讓我們拍攝了短短的15分鐘...!

想不到, 出來的效果比他們想像好!


玩了一些遊戲, 拍了一些很溫暖的婚禮照, 整個婚禮在一個很愉快的氣氛之下完結!



Simple Nature

簡約   大自然


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wedding photographer hong kong

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wedding photographer hong kong

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Historic Architecture

歷史    建築

Murray House


Victoria Peak Garden


Cultural Centre


Duddell Street



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Oil Painting


Simple Elegant



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Why is he such a famous wedding photographer Hong Kong? His images aren't just pretty pictures but have a more deep emotional touch to them. He tries to capture the essence of the event, happiness of the groom as looks at his bride for the very first time and the fear in the girl's eyes as He hopes to make her way to the altar without stumbling over. He is based in both Hong Kong, so you will have to check for his availability. It will be hard to get hold of him, but you will not regret the effort.


So if your wedding is around the corner and you're freaking out over the arrangements, at least consider that your photographer has been selected. Pictures speak 1000 words. They are the only thing remain as feelings fade away, and they serve as a reminder of the past. You have picked out an expensive dress; everybody thinks that you look like a dream. Do you want to take the risk of getting bad photographs that will tarnish your memory of the day for as long as you live? Wedding photographer Hong Kong will not disappoint you if you pick the right one and go the extra mile to get yourself the perfect album.

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