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Jason Sir

"Jason Sir is very professional, after only a few hours of theory followed by practice under his guidance,

I have already improved a lot, and grew my interest in photography. I look forward to the next class!"

"Jason Sirpro,

Jason teaches diploma courses and other classes in 


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Laptop Writing

Jason is the lecturer of Bridal Academy Hong Kong Institute of Wedding and Image Design

Diploma Course 

Other photography class

Besides diploma course, Jason offers other photography classes, including:
-    Basic photography class
-    Advance photography class
-    Post-processing photography class
-    Mobile phone photography class 
-    Beginner interest class
Structure includes classrooms (25-30 people), groups (5-10 people) and private 1 - 1 lessons
Feedback from students are great!

And they recommend more classes 

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Photography  for Schools!

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For Students


For Families!

to Educate

to Preserve Memories

to Have Fun Together!


Award Winning Photographer



<入選第十二屆中國藝術節 - 國際攝影大展>


由中國文學藝術界聯合會、中共河南省委宣傳部、中國攝影家協會主辦,河南省文學藝術界聯合會、三門峽市人民政府承辦." (資料來自中國旅遊訊息網)

Jason: "能從全球上 10,000+張的參賽作品中入選,已經很開心!感恩!! 谢谢! "


<入選感恩父母情- 香港攝影展比賽>

Jason: "Thank you for your support!"


jason pang


Award Winning Photographer

​多謝大家!Thank you for your support!


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